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Editor's Note: As the first innovation-themed museum in China, Anhui Innovation Center was opened on April 24, 2019. It showcases major achievements in science and technology made by Anhui province. The opening ceremony was held together with a fair featuring the transformation of sci-tech achievements.
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12 Scientists Win Micius Quantum Prize
12 scientists from across the globe won the Micius Quantum Prize... Pub Date:19-04-29 10:32
Anhui Innovation Center Opens
The center, composed of three theme exhibition pavilions, ...
Source:Hefei TV Station Pub Date:19-04-28 09:00
Cutting-edge Exhibits Shine in Anhui Innovation Center
In an exhibition area for scientific apparatus, visitors... Pub Date:19-04-26 10:49
China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Project to Harness Nuclear Fusion Energy
China's "artificial sun" will achieve nuclear fusion by the middle of this century, ...
Source:Global Times Pub Date:19-04-25 15:01
Anqing Takes the Lead in Opening 5G New Era in Anhui Province
Anqing attaches great importance to and pays close attention to 5G application. ... Pub Date:19-04-25 14:50
Anhui Innovation Center Opens
Li Jinbin, Party chief of East China’s Anhui province, delivers a speech... Pub Date:19-04-24 14:52
Hefei among Most Attractive Chinese Cities for Expats
Hefei, capital of East China’s Anhui province, has been ... Pub Date:19-04-19 10:54
Night Views of Anhui Innovation Center
Aerial photo taken on April 17, 2019 shows a night view of... Pub Date:19-04-18 10:14
Robots to Be Produced in Xiaogang Village
On Tuesday afternoon, a technology firm in Xiaogang village,... Pub Date:19-04-17 10:43
Explore Anhui Innovation Center
Covering an area of 82,000 square meters, the center ... Pub Date:19-04-16 10:15
Anhui Honors Scientists
East China’s Anhui province held an annual conference on Thursday... Pub Date:19-04-12 10:23
Anhui Innovation Center to Open
The Anhui Innovation Center, designed to showcase Anhui province’s major achievements ... Pub Date:19-04-01 09:48
2 in Anhui among China's 100 Most Innovative Districts, Counties
The official website of Science and Technology Daily ... Pub Date:19-03-12 09:59
23 Measures to Encourage Innovation
A second wave of measures has been ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:19-01-16 14:51
Anhui to Launch Sci-Tech Exhibition to Mark 40 Years of China's Reform, Opening up
Anhui province is set to hold an ... Pub Date:18-12-13 10:48
Yangtze River Delta Builds Innovation Community
The municipality and provinces signed... Pub Date:18-12-05 10:22
Anhui Ranks 10th in Regional Innovation Capacity 2018
Anhui was rated as the tenth ... Pub Date:18-12-04 10:34
Anhui's Innovative Programs on MIIT List
The Ministry of Industry and Information... Pub Date:18-10-11 10:59
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Hefei among Most Attractive Chinese Cities for Expats
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